October 4, 2014

EP Update!


We’re making huge strides in getting our soon to be released EP, “Kinetic”, into the hands and ears of you, our listeners!

We’re proud to announce “Kinetic” will be released on … drum roll please…  November 11th!!! The release show will be held at Sluggos in Pensacola on November 15th, event page here.

The album is officially finished with production and mastering, and we are currently accepting preorders for both digital and physical copies through our Bandcamp page!!

We are debuting songs one at a time to be streamed online each week. You can can also catch the song of the week being aired on Radio Free Pensacola on Live From Little Smitty’s!


We will continue to keep you updated as we build up to the release of our debut EP, “Kinetic”!

CD Box

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August 29, 2014


Hello again,

It’s time for a brief update.  Primarily… there’s more to making an EP than just writing and recording the songs. A good bit. Who knew?

We’re learning LOTS about the music industry and the process of releasing a recording. We’ve made some good connections. We’re putting in the work.

In other news, our last few live shows at WOB and the Sandbar were a blast, thank you for those who came out.  It feels good getting in some stage time after all the studio/rehearsal time, and learning how to flow through and improve the live show.  We’re also learning how to deal with rain during shows. Learning comes in all forms.

The EP is coming. Soon enough, friends. Soon enough.


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July 6, 2014

Thank you!!

Our Kickstarter campaign is over – we’d like to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated, and who helped spread the word!
The EP is being mixed as we speak, and we’ll have it mastered and CD’s made after that! We’ll begin fulfilling prizes for pledges when we receive the CD’s back from duplication. We’re incredibly excited about this, and can’t wait to share it with everyone!

The number of backers as well as the total amount raised is truly astounding and humbling. Thanks to the generous support from our fans, friends, and families, this dream has become a reality.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!


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June 29, 2014

Kickstarter campaign/Live shows

Only a few days left in our kickstarter campaign! Mixing begins in July. Any assistance is appreciated to help us make the best sounding EP possible for you!

Now that recording is finished, we’re starting to play live shows again! Our next will be World of Beer on July 19th.

Thank you!


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June 18, 2014

Back from Austin

We had a great experience recording our upcoming EP in Austin with Travis Kennedy! Thank you so much for all of the support.

Although we have the actual tracking of the audio recorded, we still have much work to do. The EP will be mixed in July, mastered shortly afterward, and we’re planning on releasing the EP in August.

We’d like to thank our friends in Austin for making this possible -


More updates coming soon!

In the control room

In the control room

church house room

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